Avoid An IRS Tax Audit

For anyone filing taxes in St Louis tax services can be invaluable when it comes to avoiding the dreaded IRS audit. Although only a very small percentage of tax returns are audited, the audit process can be time consuming, stressful and confusing, often requiring a company or individual to gather and submit extra paperwork.

It is all too easy to make a mistake when filing your return, especially so if you have complicated deductions, own your own company, or have multiple W2s. However, it is also easy to make a mistake on a simple return, and the IRS have various 'flags' that they use to decide whether an audit should be instigated. These can be as simple as entering the wrong social security number, forgetting to sign your forms and leaving questions unanswered. Get more info here.

Nobody wants the inconvenience of being audited by the IRS, although if that should happen a professional tax preparer will help you before, during and after the process, making sure that you have what you need to survive the experience.