How to Book a Grand Cayman Hotel Room without Breaking the Bank

The Cayman Islands enjoy an excellent reputation among globe trotters. This tiny slice of the Caribbean boasts of a level of affluence that rivals the richest countries in the world. The standard of living is pretty high. The infrastructure is top notch ensuring that visitors will find it easy and comfortable going around the island. It's also quiet and secure with a low crime rate. All of the biggest names in the hotel industry have a presence here. They cater to different types of people from celebrities to businessmen to tourists. Their rates can be steep but there are ways to book a Grand Cayman hotel room without spending a fortune.

Go During the Lean Months

One of these is to plan your trip to coincide with the lean months of the year. During these times, there are fewer visitors to the island so the hotels tend to lower their rates as they compete for the precious clients. Americans and Europeans swarm the place throughout winter around the northern hemisphere. They long to escape the bitter cold so they go to the tropics for relief. Their presence jacks up the prices everywhere. It's best to avoid the Caribbean if you are on a budget and seek a less crowded place. Come here after they leave as the scarcity of tourists will be in your favour.

Book a Room in Advance

Once you have identified the target date of your flight, start researching the different hotels on the island. See how much each of them charges for their rooms. Book early to find great deals on various rooms. The rates may jump up the closer you get to the date as more people will be inquiring about availability. There will also be more options on the table as others haven't snapped up the good ones yet. If you wait until the last minute, you might be forced into a tiny space with a ridiculously high price. 

Be on the Lookout for Special Discounts

Sometimes hotels might offer special discounts because of their anniversary, a rare occasion, a grand opening, and other events. Take advantage of these deals as you might end up paying anywhere from ten to fifty percent less than the regular rate. Many of these establishments also honour cards from different clubs and organizations. If you can show them your membership card, then you might be able to enjoy a significant rate cut. The savings could extend your budget for a few more days or allow you to spend extra on food and activities. Visit us here.

Consider the Whole Package

The final tip is to consider the entire package and not just the room. Some hotels add several extras to persuade clients to choose them. These include complimentary breakfast, airport transfers, sports facilities, gym access, pool access, free Internet, and many more. All of these make travel to a foreign country so much more convenient because virtually everything you need is already provided. These may make the cost worth paying compared to a cheaper place that leaves you to sort out the rest.